Peer Mentors

At the core of our program is the ECE student in his or her freshmen year of college. Once enrolled in college, the ECE student is paired with upperclassman peer at the same college. 

This pairing is handled by ECE staff to ensure that each mentorship is successful. The mentor initiates the first meeting and they get to know each other through regular programming and meetings supported by ECE. 

The purpose of this mentorship is to provide our new students with advice on registering for classes, getting to know their teachers, preparing to declare a major, and navigating their new collegiate life.

Community Mentors

The next step in our mentor program is to pair the ECE student with a community mentor. Typically this takes place junior year when the scholar has declared their major.

How it works: ECE pairs each student with a mentor who works (or worked) in a similar career field that our student hopes to enter. Like the Academic Mentorship, ECE matches each pair together and helps the mentor and mentee get to know each other for the first few meetings.

The purpose of this mentorship is to offer career and life advice to our students. This can come in the form of career preparation, editing resumes and cover letters, practicing interview questions, general encouragement and moral support, or direct connections that lead to internships or job offers. 

ECE knows that our students are dedicated and ambitious: with no obstacles they would surely succeed. The unexpected challenges in their non-academic and personal lives are what can derail even the most promising trajectory, which is why having a trusted mentor is crucial to our students' success. We can't help solve problems if we don't know they exist. In the event that a problem does arise, ECE is there to help mentors provide the necessary assistance and support to the student. 

We are accepting new community mentors

Mentee Testimony

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