Academic Mentors

At the core of our program is the ECE student in his or her freshmen year of college. Once enrolled in college, the ECE student is paired with upperclassman peer at the same college. 

This pairing is handled by ECE staff to ensure that each mentorship is successful. The mentor initiates the first meeting and they get to know each other through regular programming and meetings supported by ECE. 

The purpose of this mentorship is to provide our new students with advice on registering for classes, getting to know their teachers, preparing to declare a major, and navigating their new collegiate life.

Community Mentors

The next step in our mentor program is to pair the ECE student in his or her junior year with a community mentor. 

In this stage, ECE pairs each student with a mentor who actively works in the same career field that our student intends to join. Like the Academic Mentorship, ECE facilitates the pairings and helps the mentor and mentee get to know each other through regular programming and consistent meetings. 

The purpose of this mentorship is to offer career advice to our students, offer support in preparing for interviews, and to help them make introductions and connections in the career field that could lead to internships and job offers.

We are actively seeking Community Mentors who are interested in offering professional and personal life advice to our students as they reach the end of college and prepare to transition into the workforce. For more information and to express interest in becoming a Community Mentor please click below to email Molly Haynes. 


713 208 7595

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