Equal Chance for Education Supporters and Sponsors


Platinum Members- $50,000 or more

The Boedecker Foundation, Hospital Corporation of America, Michael and Mary Spalding, TheDream.US, First Tennessee Foundation, Martin Family Foundation, Poplar Foundation, Pyramid Peak Foundation


Gold Members- $25,000-$50,000

Educators for Fair Consideration, Caroline Davis Living Trust, Mark and JoAnne Hazelwood, Vandewater Family Foundation, Tom and Pam Wylly, Thorne Family Foundation, Westminster Presbyterian Church


Silver Members - $10,000-$25,000

Greg and Collie Daily, The James Meadows Foundation, Jamie Stream Foundation, Saundra Steele, Clinic Hispanica, Dental La Paz, The Memorial Foundation, Margaret Wong Associates, Jim and Trish Munro, El Bronco Insurance


Bronze Members- $5,000- $10,000

David R and Catherine Gammato-Smith, Spencer and Marlene Hays, Celeste Reed, Wanda McNeil Memorial Fund, Robert Bone M.D., John and Nancy Cheadle, Hayne and Anna Kate Hipp, Robert Chavez, Robert Lipman, Nan Nelson Parish, The Bone Family Foundation, Renasant Bank, Rod and Kay Heller, Margaret Wong Immigration Attorneys, Caterpillar Financial, Joyce Vise, Danner Family Foundation, C & B Hearn Foundation, Virginia Tanner, Karen Coble Scholarship, David Thombs, John and  Julie Crenshaw, John and Nancy Abbott


Other Supporters

Moreno Insurance, Straight forward Media, Cynthia Moran, Joe C Davis Foundation, Eskind Famiy Foundation, Kim Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDow, Tony Rose, Russ and Molly Haynes, Pinnacle Bank, Trey Lipman, Village Real Estate, Element Salon, Henry Bedford, David Causer, Noelia Garza, Terry Allen, Ellen Martin, Rich Rhoda, Raymond Pirtle, Carrington and David Fox, Ralph and Julie Mosely, Dan and Maria Moore, Martin McNamara, James Kelly, Joe Barker, Wiaam Falouji, Carlisle Davis Jr., Salsa Puerto Rican Restaurant


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