Mentor Program


One of ECE's greatest strengths is our mentoring program. We pair each student with two mentors with at least one of the mentors already established in the student's career of choice, i.e. RN for nursing students, CPA for accounting students, teachers for education students, lawyers for lawyers to be, etc. It seems a rapport is established in which each mentor can lend advice, encouragement, and perhaps identify academic or non academic problems before they result in a dropout or withdrawal. The other mentor is an older student or graduate student at their university or college. Our partner colleges have been very helpful in finding an encouraging and reliable second mentor. Most of the problems we have encountered with our scholars are not academic, as they are all very bright students, but more emotional, social, or financial issues. Our board believes we have a fiduciary responsibility to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) i.e. a college or graduate degree or a post graduate degree as we are developing potential leaders of the future. We believe that by selecting bright, encouraging, and accountable mentors, our ROI can be achieved.


If you would like to apply to be a mentor please email Molly Haynes at


713 208 7595

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